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Our compiled products division is pleased to announce the release of our first macOS application, Quick Cinema.

Quick Cinema

Quick Cinema is a lean macOS full-screen video player specifically designed for theatrical cinema presentations and film festivals.

Dedicated Full-Screen Presentation
Plug in a projector or other display via HDMI, DVI, or VGA and Quick Cinema will ensure your films show on it uninterrupted. No cursor or controls will appear, and both system sleep and screen savers will be disabled.
Advanced Playlist Features
At the core of Quick Cinema are its playlists, which have three features designed to make the show run smoothly.
  1. Each video has its own individual pre-defined volume so the entire show can be equalized ahead of time.
  2. Once a video has been added to a playlist Quick Cinema can trim from the beginning and end of each video to get rid of any unwanted dead air or test tones without having to modify the original files.
  3. Have pre-show content like advertisements and trailers for your audience as your theater fills up? Set any individual video to loop and then when it's time to start the show just skip to the next video in the playlist.
In addition to looping individual videos in the playlist, the entire playlist can be set to repeat.
Dedicated Audio Output Selection
Any audio output device supported by macOS can be used for your show, even if it isn't the same device as the video is being output to. Stereo can be output via the headphone jack or most USB audio devices, and HDMI audio extractors such as the Atlona AT-HD570 HDMI Audio De-Embedder or Monoprice Blackbird 7.1 HDMI Audio Extractor can be used to get multi-channel output via HDMI.
Purchase Quick Cinema on the macOS App Store

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